Mask for the welder F1 PRO


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The body of the Welder mask has a comfortable streamlined shape that provides constant protection and comfort to all areas of the head and neck. All models of Welder masks have a professional and ergonomic headband that is adjustable in six positions and allows you to distribute the weight of the mask over the entire head. This reduces stress and increases comfort during long welding jobs. Elastic nape pad with ribbed grooves for soft nape support. Specially designed two-layer soft pad on the forehead. Two straps on the top of the head (instead of one like most masks) allow you to adjust the height of the helmet, which ensures the ideal weight distribution of the mask.

Cartridge size:110*90*9mm;

Viewing window size: 90*35mm;

Optical class: 1/1/1/2;

Weld arc sensors: 2 pcs;

Power supply: Li-Ion battery + solar battery;

UV/IR protection: DIN15;

Shading degree: DIN 3/11 without adjustment;

Switching time to light state: 0.4sec;

Switching time to dark state: <1/15000sec;

TIG trip current: >10A

Also pay attention to our other models of masks:

Models F7 and F8 – professional series, double LCD display for reliable eye protection during long welding work.

The F4 and F5 models are more advanced mask models compared to the F1 model with additional automatic filter adjustment functions.

Additional information

Optical class


Welded arc sensors

2 шт

Cartridge Size


Viewing window size


UV/IR protection

DIN 15


сменная батарея Li-Ion + солнечная батарея

Degree of darkening

DIN 3 / 11