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WELDER inverter welding machines are inverter-type semi-automatic welding machines designed for intensive daily work at high current. Suitable for both home and semi-professional use.

Features of MMA machines:

· Electric arc welding;

· Wide range of welding current;

· Energy saving;

· Small and lightweight;

· Easy to use;

Continuous work without interruption is possible, have overload protection

Equipped with IGBT transistors.



inverter welding machine

Long cables:

Cable with electrode holder 1.8 m

Earth cable with clamp 1.5 m

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Model 190 Specifications:

Mains voltage (V): 220

Mains frequency (Hz)): 50/60

Max. welding current (A): 20-190A

PV Factor(%): 70

Cooling type: fan

Electrode diameter (mm): 1.6-3.2

Power: 4.8 kW


We also recommend purchasing a welding helmet WELDER model F1/F4/F5

Additional information

Напряжение сети (В)

220 В

Частота сети (Гц)

50/60 ГЦ

Макс. сварочный ток (А)


ПВ фактор(%)


Тип охлаждения

Диаметр электородов (мм)



4,8 кВт